Vehicle and Fleet Telematics

Using data to deliver business efficiencies.

Also available for YourFleet (non-Northgate vehicles)

Telematic Plans

Information is key and Northgate Telematics can provide you with knowledge of your drivers’ whereabouts
and driving styles enabling you to improve driver behaviour and reduce costs for your business.

Proven benefits for you and your drivers

Safety & staff welfare

Know where your team are, out on the road

Reducing fuel costs

Reduce idling times and speeding

Reducing accident costs

Improving driver behaviour

Company & brand reputation

Your vans are the face of your business

Fleet productivity

Get the most out of your vehicles

Reduce admin time

Instant alerts and custom-built reports

A picture paints a thousand words

Northgate Telematics also offer dashboard cameras. Linking directly to our telematics platform, it instantly sends clips of poor driver behaviour and collisions straight to your computer, allowing you to understand the reasons behind incidents and educate on poor driving standards.

Northgate Telematics Control+

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Business Hire

Telematics FleetUser

A consolidated view of your fleet Telematics data in seamless and manageable dashboards including; Vehicle Behaviour, Utilisation and EV Suitabilty. 


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