Electric Vehicle Hire

We understand the evolving needs of businesses, and we are proud to offer award-winning flexible and cost-effective vehicle hire options - including extended rental periods.

Our comprehensive service package ensures that every electric vehicle in our fleet is backed by full servicing, maintenance, and breakdown cover. Choosing electric vans and cars for your business helps to optimise your operations and guarantee the longevity of your fleet.

View our electric vehicles for hire

Explore our range of electric vans and cars for hire - ideal for enhancing your brand’s green commitments in addition to your growing business needs. 

Renault Zoe e-Tech Electric 80kW Business 50kWh

Mercedes-Benz e-Sprinter

Peugeot e-Expert Standard

We're constantly adding new electric vehicles to our fleet.
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Our Electric Vehicles for Hire

Explore our range of electric vans and cars for hire - ideal for enhancing your brand’s green commitments in addition to your growing business needs. 

What are the best electric vans you can drive today?

From more compact models to options boasting significant space, we offer a flexible range of vehicles, including the Mercedes-Benz e-Sprinter and the Peugeot e-Expert Standard, which aim to accurately solve the challenges of your business.

View our electric vehicles

Key Electric Vehicle Specs

  1. Smallest Pay Load: Renault Kangoo e-Tech Advance ML19 (608 kg)
  2. Biggest Pay Load: Vauxhall Combo Prime Crew Van (975 kg)
  3. Lowest Combined MPG: Volkswagen Transporter SWB T28 (36 MPG)
  4. Highest Combined MPG: Vauxhall Combo Prime Crew Van (47 MPG)
  5. Lowest Gross Vehicle Mass: Vauxhall Combo Prime Crew Van (2,375 kg)
  6. Highest Gross Vehicle Mass: Mercedes-Benz E Sprinter (3,500 kg)
  7. Shortest Wheelbase: Renault Kangoo e-Tech Advance ML19 (2,716)
  8. Largest Wheelbase: Mercedes-Benz E Sprinter (3,924)
  9. Smallest Battery Capacity (kWh): Renault Kangoo e-Tech Advance ML19 (44kWh)
  10. Largest Battery Capacity (kWh): Peugeot E-Expert Standard (75kWh)
  11. Lightest Electric Vehicle (kg): Renault Zoe E-Tech (1988kg)
  12. Heaviest Electric Vehicle (kg): Mercedes Benz E-Sprinter (3500kg)

    How it works

    Contact your Account
    Manager to discuss your
    electric vehicle interest

    Subject to normal business
    and credit checks a quotation
    will be provided

    Receive your booking
    notification followed by vehicle
    delivery date

    Receive your electric vehicle
    and have access to complimentary driver courses, video tutorials and vehicle instructions

    Our Electric Van Hire Options

    We offer a range of electric vehicle hire packages which are designed to aid with the diverse needs of businesses today.


    • Enhanced flexibility, better rates, and a shorter commitment - 12Months+ comes with standard servicing, maintenance, and breakdown assistance; all with rates which work for extended terms.

    Flexible Hire

    • This package allows your business to hire electric vans for 3 months or more, with the flexibility of being able to return the vehicles when no longer required. Servicing, maintenance and breakdown cover are included as standard.
    Flexible Hire

    We Buy You Rent

    • A great way of securing a fair market price for your current vehicle - helping you to discover the benefits of renting from the UK's largest Light Commercial Vehicle hire company. Explore what a new electric vehicle fleet can do for your business, all without the complexities of ownership.
    We buy. You rent.

    The Benefits of Electric Van Hire

    Northgate is providing the latest Electric Vehicle (EV) options to help fleets prepare for an electric future, offering a full end-to-end solution to assist fleets through every step. Whether you choose Flexible Hire or 12months+, every vehicle comes with servicing, maintenance and 24/7 breakdown and recovery as standard.


    Electric vans produce zero direct emissions, which can help limit your business's carbon footprint, reduce air pollution, and improve air quality in the environment. You can reduce your indirect emissions by charging your EV through a renewable source, such as wind or solar power, to be closer to a net-zero emissions fleet.


    Electric commercial vans can have lower maintenance costs as they have fewer moving parts and less wear and tear of components. This reliability of electric vehicles is a significant benefit to businesses to reduce vehicle downtime, operational costs, and outgoings to improve cash flow.


    Electric vehicles in the UK are exempt from CAZ charges helping you save money when driving through urban areas and save time and hassle. In London, vehicles that are not Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) exempt and fail to meet the ULEZ emission standards must pay a £12.50 daily charge to drive inside the zone.


    Electric vehicles in the UK are exempt from paying any road tax, allowing you to allocate more funds to your monthly business operations and saving you a significant amount over time. Additionally, charging with electricity can be cheaper than fuelling with petrol or diesel with several government grants and EV tariffs at your disposal.


    With the UK's long-term plan to transition to zero emissions transport, Northgate is prepared to support your business through every stage of your EV journey from strategy to implementation and beyond.

    We have the knowledge and tools needed to transition your fleets to Electric Vehicles, in a way that makes financial and practical sense.

    Why Switch Electric
    Volkswagen Abt E Stransoirter

    Sustainable Electric Vehicle Travel

    Choosing to enhance your fleet with our electric vans and cars to hire will help you achieve your commitment to creating a cleaner, more sustainable future. Electric vehicles contribute significantly to reducing air pollution in our cities and towns, where traditional combustion engines are major pollutants. 

    EVs offer a practical solution to the growing concerns over urban air quality, directly impacting the health and well-being of our communities.

    A notable advantage of electric vehicle travel is the exemption from Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charges - which are fees on certain polluting vehicles. As electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, they can navigate these zones without incurring any charges.

    By integrating EVs into your fleet, you align your business with progressive environmental standards and demonstrate a proactive approach to combating climate change. 

    Explaining the technologies behind EVs

    EV Suitability Checker

    Are you ready to introduce EVs to your fleet? With many factors to consider, find out if your business is ready to make the transition to electric vehicles.

    Suitability Checker
    Northgate Cannock 6



    Northgate’s all-in-one Electric Vehicle and Home Charging bundle means you deal with one supplier, avoid upfront installation costs, and improve cashflow with one simple regular payment. Available on Northgate 12months+ hires and complete with 5-year warranty.

    EV Vs Hybrid


    Our partner, Allstar Business Solutions, provides a combined fuel and electric charging card (Allstar One Electric) which gives customers access to 1,102 rapid chargers and over 2,966 fast chargers with the ability to pay for your electric vehicle charging from a single card.


    Northgate Telematics can provide you with knowledge of your drivers’ whereabouts and driving styles enabling you to improve driver behaviour and reduce costs for your business. Improve business efficiencies alongside providing benefits for you and your drivers with a leading platform for tracking and cameras that provide live footage of any incidents.

    Three Vans Yellow Border

    Why Choose Northgate for Electric Van Hire?

    Hire electric vans for the duration that your business requires. From the moment you set up your business account, you can simply add more cans with any of our vehicle hire options. 

    By choosing us, you can cover all the needs of your vehicle and fleet in simple, regular payments. 

    Award winning services: Prioritising sustainability, we’ve won the ‘Green Innovation Award’ at the 2023 What Van? Awards and the ‘Editor’s Choice’ award for our Drive to Zero initiative at the 2022 Business Car Awards.

    UK's leading provider of light commercial vehicles: Receive nationwide support from 67 branches and workshops.

    Over 50,000 Vehicles to choose from: Ability to scale up or down with your business needs.

    Over 40 years’ of experience: Speak to specialist fleet consultants and a dedicated account manager.

    Award-winning Drive-to-Zero programme: We provide customers with a full suite of solutions designed to aid fleets’ transition to electric vehicles, and it has proved a huge success.

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