The impressive Mercedes-Benz eVito Panel Van

29/03/20238 minutes read

The first generation of the Mercedes-Benz Vito went on sale in 1996, and in over a quarter of a century the mid-sized light commercial vehicle has seen many variations whilst adjusting to the market needs.


In 2018 as the automotive market began to increasingly push for electric options, the first all-electric variant of the Vito was revealed. The Mercedes-Benz eVito, a perfect option for businesses looking to reduce fleet costs and CO2 emissions simultaneously.



Vito versus eVito


Although based on the standard Mercedes-Benz Vito, the eVito replaces the diesel engine with a 66-kWh battery and other impressive features that distinguish it from its ICE alternative. A recuperation mode lets the driver customise the regenerative braking of the vehicle to choose how much should be applied and a DAuto mode which utilises ECO Assist to leverage navigation information and control the recuperation level.



Driving performance of eVito


The eVito encapsulates smooth power, with great progression from stand still and low speeds, letting you experience its 360Nm of torque immediately. Like its ICE counterparts the eVito’s steering and braking feels just as composed with the lower centre of gravity from the foot-level battery placement helping to boost stability.


The van provides three driving modes, E (Economy), E+ (Economy Plus) and C (Comfort), which moderate accelerator response and motor power output accordingly and can be toggled to save battery power.



Range and charging of eVito


The Mercedes-Benz eVito boasts significant load capacity with a maximum payload of up to 807-kg and a maximum load volume of up to 6.6 cubic metres. Its battery capacity is modest by contrast with a range of 262 miles per full charge.


Rapid charging capability allows the battery to charge from 10% to 80% in 35 minutes, which means you could gain 105 miles of range with the appropriate charger.



Running costs of the eVito


Just like every other electric vehicle, charging costs for the eVito will depend on your energy provider, your electricity tariff, and the type of public charger you use.


The eVito is cheap to tax however and is currently exempt from road tax and company car tax charges. Other exemptions include congestion charge areas such as Clean Air Zones (CAZ) and Ultra-Low Emissions Zones (ULEZ).


You’ll find servicing and maintenance to be cheaper too due to fewer moving parts and fluids to change, and standout benefits like batteries that maintain 70% capacity for eight years or 62,000 miles.



Reliability and safety of the eVito


When talking vehicle safety, the eVito is near the top of its class, recently securing a Gold rating when tested by Euro NCAP in 2022.


The e-van hosts a CanTrack tracking module compatible with Mercedes Pro Connect – a smartphone app that allows you to check the security status of your vehicle, confirm vehicle location and geofence it so you get an alert if it travels without your permission.



The e-van of the present and the future


The future of electric vehicle technology is filled with innovation. The projected growth of EV battery and charging technology alone has the potential to change the landscape of EV capabilities and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence removes whatever ceiling currently sits upon EVs.


The eVito came into the market a pioneer. It was the first medium-sized electric van to become available in the UK and has since strived to take electric vans to the next level with every update – helping to lead the charge on features such as acoustic alarms to alert pedestrians to the eVito's presence. Full specification available here.



Helping your EV transition


Northgate’s Drive to Zero hub hosts a complete range of EV transition tools and with EV technology evolving at an accelerated rate, vehicle hire may prove to be the best acquisition method to add the latest EVs to your fleet quickly.


From helping you choose the right E-LCV from a varied selection of market-best manufacturers through our customer-friendly vehicle finder to discussing charging infrastructure to driver training and advice – we can help your Drive to Zero at every stage.



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