Explaining the rise of Micromobility

18/03/20245 minutes read

Micromobility is trending quickly in the UK fleet industry. This raises a lot of questions as interests rises about what it is and how it can help businesses and the UK’s sustainability goals. 


What is Micromobility? 


Micromobility is the collective term for smaller, compact vehicles such as eCargo Bikes and Micro Electric Vehicles. 


Previously diesel, petrol, or people powered, these vehicle types are now battery-powered driven products seen as commonplace alternatives within a market driven by Government regulations, an increasing number of Clean Air Zones (CAZ) and Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ), and for specific user cases where the size of a LCV is not fit for purpose, traffic congestion is common and parking spaces limited and costly. 


Why Micromobility? 


From business sites or educational campuses to industrial or military sites and municipal parks and gardens, micromobility vehicles can offer high efficiency, a high payload and low running costs to businesses when integrated with LCVs as part of a larger rental fleet.   


The versatility and body adaptations offered by these vehicles supports a broad range of user cases, ranging from last mile delivery to applications within construction, waste management, landscaping and FMCG industries. 


All about eCargo bikes 


eCargo bikes are larger electric- powered cycles with a large storage area that are easy to manoeuvre and a pedal assistance allowing you to travel further with less effort. They are increasingly being used in urban areas and dense city centres for various tasks such as parcel and food deliveries, service and maintenance jobs, and more. 


Northgate micromobility solutions 


Our *new micromobility solution will be supported by several carefully selected partners to provide a wide variety of vehicles to our customers - becoming the first rental company to do so - each available under our standard rental agreements, allowing you to amortise the cost of the vehicle over the duration of the hire agreement. 


Decarbonise your fleet with our micromobility solutions to significantly reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact whilst improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet operations.  


Brett Hilliard, Group Partnerships Director at Redde Northgate Plc, commented: “By launching a range of micromobility solutions under our standard rental agreements, we can offer our customers access not only to the vehicles but also our fully inclusive service and maintenance support.  Our rental solution also removes both the capex burden and the worry of residual value risk in what is a new segment for many customers”.   


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