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07/12/20226 minutes read

The mass adoption of electric vehicles is a key part of the UK government’s ten-point plan for sustainable development to make the UK a global leader in green technologies. 2035 will see the end of the sale of new petrol and diesel petrol and diesel vehicles and whilst that may feel like a long time in the future, it will be here before you know it.

Early adopters of EVs began their transitions a decade ago and are still working their way through the transition and with the average transition taking around 18 months, you need to start planning your phased approach towards a total EV fleet now for your business to be in a good place by 2035.


Electric Vehicle strategy for a smooth roll-out

Taking a phased “crawl, walk, run” approach to electric vehicle adoption is the most advised method as it allows you to see the promise of future scale whilst making the most out of immediate benefits (such as improved cash flow) and better understanding how to leverage the positives of EVs for your business over time.


Download Northgate's Drive to Zero guide for your EV fleet transition


Electric Vehicle suitability

The days of EVs only excelling in tasks involving short journeys, urban routes, and lighter payloads, are long gone - they are more than capable of meeting bigger demands as well.

Electrifying your fleet begins with a full review of your fleet to align vehicle replacements with suitable electric vehicle alternatives.

Northgate offers a full suitability analysis by tracking your current vehicles over a 4-month period to identify your required EV equivalents based on the journeys that have been completed within this time.


Charging infrastructure to support your Electric Vehicles

As part of your Drive to Zero journey to electrification, you’ll need to ensure you have the required infrastructure in place to support your vehicles with appropriate charging points at your sites and/or driver’s homes as necessary with regular maintenance.

Our brand new all-in-one electric vehicle and home charging bundle for businesses comes with a 5-year home charger warranty with service and maintenance as standard with end-to-end support throughout the lifetime of the rental, so you’ll have the confidence you’re covered from the start.

Furthermore, you gain access to an inclusive platform that gives you full control and visibility of charging utilisation among other incredible features from smart charging to auto-schedule vehicle charging during cheaper tariff hours.


Driver comfortability

Using new technology comes with an adaptation period as the user gets to grip with it and although easy to use and a much smoother driving experience than petrol and diesel vehicles, EVs are no different.

From charging to Range anxiety to dashboard symbols and dials, your drivers will have several questions and concerns. Training materials, sessions, and open lines of communication to EV experts will improve your driver’s knowledge and comfortability with their new vehicle at a faster rate as they get used to the daily usage, maintenance, and manoeuvring of EVs on the roads.  


What can Northgate do for your business?

Our Drive To Zero hub showcases a full range of EV transition solutions.

From helping you choose the right E-LCV from a varied selection of market-best manufacturers through our customer-friendly vehicle finder to discussing charging infrastructure to driver training and advice – we are here to help you navigate all the twist and turns for a seamless EV adoption journey.

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