1. Why switch to EVs?

Use our hub of comprehensive guides and resources to help identify the key benefits of switching to Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Are EVs worth it for businesses?

Switching to low emission vehicles is no longer a question of ‘should’. Instead, businesses now need to talk in terms of ‘when’. With the 2035 deadline for new sales of petrol and diesel vehicles, businesses need to prepare for the impending move to low emission vehicles.

Alongside helping the environment, there are many reasons why making the switch to EVs can be beneficial for your business.

Northgate understands how beginning your transition can be overwhelming. That’s why we are here to support your electrification journey. Here are some useful resources to get you started.

How to prepare your business for EVs

Go Electric

Northgate are providing the EV options to help fleets prepare for an electric future, offering a full end to end solution to assist fleets through every step. 

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EV Suitability Checker

Are you ready to introduce EVs to your fleet? With many factors to consider, find out if your business is ready to make the transition to electric vehicles.

Suitability Checker

Here to help on your Drive to Zero


Are you ready to introduce EVs to your fleet? 


Northgate provide the latest Electric Vehicle (EV) options.


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